Danza Azteca Xochipilli is an Aztec dance group out of East Los Angeles, California. We focus on community enrichment through arts, culture, and humanities. Danza Azteca Xochipilli is led by Maestro Adolfo Arteaga, and Eva Arteaga. Together they have been teaching Danza for over 36 years.

Danza Azteca Xochipilli provides a space for anyone who wishes to learn about the pre-Columbian Mexica (Aztec) culture.

Danza Azteca Xochipilli was created with a family climate to give everyone a place to call home. Promoting a healthy environment for the youth and inclusion of all people.

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“Community enrichment

through art, culture, and humanities”

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Day of the dead Menefee, Ca


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Ancient Mayan Sculpture

Maestro Adolfo Arteaga

Maestra Eva Arteaga

Aztec feathers in a headdress

Danza Azteca Xochipilli has been invited to dance at the Museum of Latin American Art (Long Beach, Ca) Mt. San Jacinto College (San Jacinto, Ca) Menefee Day of the Dead Event (Menifee, Ca). Xochipilli also participates in intertribal dances at Pow Wows such as the Pahrump Social Pow Wow in Pahrump Nevada, and Mexica New Year in San Jose California.

***Danza Azteca Xochipilli believes in giving everyone the same opportunity and does not discriminate on account of race, age, color, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, or religion. ***

Teotihuacan Aztec ruins near Mexico city
Aztec Chia

Planting ceremony Mexica New Year

Planting ceremony Mexica New Year



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East Los Angeles Civic Center

4801 E 3rd St,

Los Angeles, CA 90022

Tuesdays & Thursdays

6:30-8:00 pm